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My books have arrived!

Today I arrived home to discover a package waiting for me. It was from my publisher, so I knew what it was, but it was still very exciting.

Fresh shipment of FRACTUREDI can’t believe Fractured is finally in print! I’m so used to seeing it on a computer screen or printout that it’s strange to hold it in my hands in book form. And yes, it’s got that lovely new-book smell!

Fractured: hot off the pressesYay!

Five ways to screw up self-promotion on Twitter

Part of my day job involves managing a business’s social media presence, and now I’m wading into the social media world as an author, too. I’m by no means an expert, but the more time I spend on Twitter, the more misguided self-promotion techniques I encounter. So please allow me to present:

Five Ways to Screw Up Self-Promotion on Twitter

1. Use an @ reply to direct strangers to your website. I always check my @Mentions to see who’s talking to me. Sometimes, I’ll find that there are people talking at me instead. People who have no idea who I am or what I’m interested in, but who want me to buy their product, visit their website, or sign up for their newsletter.

Real-life equivalent: Standing in the street and yelling out your URL to passing strangers.

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Welcome to my website!

With my debut novel, Fractured, ready to hit the shelves next month, I figured it was time to put together a website. And since I’m one of those writes-for-fun types, I thought a blog would be fitting. As long as I don’t end up spending all of my time writing blog posts instead of books. Because that would be bad. (Well, it might not be that bad, but I’d certainly be poorer. Unless I secured a book deal based on my blog, which I hear happens a lot these days, and–ok, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Ahem.)

Anyway. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more posts!