Monthly Archives: January 2011

Still kicking!

Ok, I will admit that playing with the kittens and planning a wedding have both resulted in less time writing blog posts. But! I do have a few ideas germinating, so I will post again soon. (My goal is to post at least weekly.)

Some news: Fractured got another review, on My Book Thoughts! Part One. Part Two. She summarizes, “For fans of re-telling of fairytales I think this one is definitely a must and I’m glad I discovered it.” Yay!

Also, this reader found me on Twitter, which is awesome, and got my book from her library, which always makes me happy. (Not that I don’t want to sell books, of course! But I’m always thrilled to see my book in a library, and to know that it will reach even more readers.)

Two new reviews of Fractured!

Two new reviews of Fractured have come in: one from Things I Think About, and one from Lauren at 365 Days of Reading. I’m so excited to see my book travel across the Internet!

Big news for 2011

I thought my big news in December was adopting kittens and getting a Kobo eReader, but on New Year’s Eve my partner Julian wrapped up the month (and the year!) by asking me to marry him. He designed the ring himself (white gold with a sapphire):
Sapphire ring

We’re pretty excited, although neither of us likes event planning. 2011 is going to be a busy year!