Have a nerdy holiday season!

Time to decorate your home and office for the holidays! But why stick to the traditional when there are so many great nerdy alternatives? All you really need is a printer, some scissors, and patience.

Star Trek fans: I give you the Wreath of Khaaaan, from Annie Shapiro.

Star Wars fans, how about some Darth Vader snowflakes? (Designed by Anthony Herrera, along with stormtroopers. And TIE fighters. And AT-ATs…)

Finally, if you’re into Game of Thrones, you can deck your halls with these intricate, hauntingly beautiful snowflakes┬ádesigned by Krystal Higgins, based on the various houses. (For a more realistic touch, you might want to use red paper for some of them…)

What are you waiting for? Get out those scissors! (But don’t run with them. I’ve heard that’s a bad idea.)

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