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Today, the Association of Canadian Publishers‘ digital arm, eBound, posted an interview with me. I may be a little biased, but I think it makes for interesting reading. Click here to find out my thoughts on marketing books online, ebook development, and what the best kind of interactive children’s media is.

And how’s my creative writing going, you ask? Well, my New Year’s resolution was to continue writing every single day, and so far I’ve only missed 4-5 days this year. A story that I started writing last April is now sitting at 65,000 words–and I missed a few months of daily writing in 2012, so that’s less than a year’s work. It’s gratifying to see how small daily habits can add up to big accomplishments.

A friend of mine recently started a blog, and in one of her first posts, she shared a favourite phrase: “What you do all the time matters more than what you do once in awhile.” I’m officially adding that to my list of mantras, right after “A clean house means you have too much time on your hands” and “Clowns are not funny, they’re downright creepy.”

Author interview up at Get Lost In A Story

The talented Maureen McGowan (author of such hilarious fairytale mashups as Cinderella: Ninja Warrior), has interviewed me over at Get Lost In A Story. If you’ve been burning to know which stereotypical clique I belonged to in high school (hint: I wasn’t a jock), or whether I prefer salsa or guacamole, head on over!

Interview with Debbie Ohi

How could I forget to post this until now? I know, I know–I’m a horrible person. Anyway, last week, the wildly talented iPad-addict Debbie Ohi was kind enough to interview me on her website, Inky Girl. Click here for the interview!

She even drew some fairy tale characters discussing Fractured! How cool. Debbie is illustrating a children’s picture book by author Michael Ian Black, called I’m Bored, coming out next year. Debbie’s story of how this project came about because of a previous rejection is an interesting one: read all about it here!