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Blog tour & cat-sitting wrap-up

Well, my blog tour is over (sniff). It was a great experience, and I’ve compiled my favourite quotes from all the reviews on my Reviews page, so I can read them over and over whenever my current work-in-progress is neither working nor progressing.

My cat-sitting gig is also over! No more fluffy white kitty being cute and coating our apartment in a fine layer of cat hair. I leave you with two pictures of her: being a ball and being coy. Enjoy!

Blog tour Day Four & Five

My blog tour is over! And I’m two days late posting my final wrap-up, but I blame it on Disneyworld.

Let me back up. Since Thursday, I’ve been on a business trip at Disneyworld (seriously! Disney resorts often host conventions! This was news to me.). But the “high speed Internet” they said would be available in the hotel rooms ended up costing $9.95/day. And the wifi at the convention centre was $195/day! So I didn’t end up going online much. (Also didn’t end up eating many vegetables. Disney resorts really, really hate vegetables. Vegetables must have done something terrible to Walt when he was a child or something.)

Anyway! The blog tour carried on regardless, because bloggers are awesome that way. Here’s what you may have missed:

Day Four (Nov. 18): Tahleen’s Mixed Up Files posted a very in-depth review of all three stories in Fractured. Over at Page Turners, there’s a Q&A and a giveaway, along with a great review.

Day Five (Nov. 19): Melissa at YA Book Shelf wrote a review and hosted me for a guest post about how the fairytales in Fractured relate to the challenges and opportunities facing today’s teens. Finally, YA Addict wrapped things up with an interview and giveaway!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know some great YA bloggers and their blogs better through doing this blog tour, and I’m thankful to all of them for being such great hosts! I hope that their blogs lead you to discover many more great reads… I know I’ve already got a few new titles in my TBR pile!

Blog tour, Day Three

I made two stops on the Fractured blog tour today:

Visit Between the Pages to read Daisy’s reviews of each of the three stories in Fractured, then head over to The Reading Girl for an interview, a review, and a GIVEAWAY!

Tomorrow, the fun continues at Page Turners and Tahleen’s Mixed-Up Files… see you there!

Blog tour, Day Two

The blog tour continues, and there’s still more to come!

Today, Steph over at Bella’s Bookshelves provided a very in-depth review of Fractured, plus an interview with me in which I discuss how long it took to write and whether or not the high school bullying scenes were based on personal experience.

And at Word of Mouse Books, Stacey wrote two posts: a review and an interview. Stop by to contribute to our discussions about how authors can use social media to promote their works!

Tomorrow, the fun continues: look for a review at Between the Pages, and an interview and GIVEAWAY at The Reading Girl!

Blog tour, Day One

Today was the first day of my five-day blog tour for Fractured.

Visit Steph Su Reads for my guest blog post on how Fractured developed from an idea into a book (and how that book got published), and check out my post at Word bookstore about which fairytale heroine I think would adapt best to today’s world.

Tomorrow: Reviews and interviews at Word of Mouse Book Reviews and Bella’s Bookshelves! Stop by and say hi!

And here’s another cute cat picture. Just because.

Blog tour starts Monday! Also: cat

Today I wrote over 4,500 words… but not for my NaNoWriMo project. (Don’t even check my progress over there. It’s embarrassing.) Nope, I was busy answering interview questions and writing guest posts for my blog tour, which starts on Monday! From Nov. 15-19, I’ll be featured on ten different blogs, so please drop by! Don’t let all my words go to waste! (Click here for the schedule.)

Now, to change things up a little, let me tell you a story about a cat. First, some background: I am a dog person. I am such a dog person, in fact, that when I first began dating my partner, I was quite concerned when I found out he was a cat person. “Does this mean I’ll end up with cats instead of dogs?” I worried. But I made him promise we’d get a cat and a dog one day, and left it at that.

Now we share an apartment, and a week ago we started cat-sitting for one of his friends. There is now white cat fur spread all over the sofa, and tufts of it coating the floor. We have learned the hard way that this kitty needs a very clean litterbox or she’ll poop on the floor instead, and that if she eats too fast or has a hairball or is homesick, she’ll puke.

But I have also learned that not all cats are aloof, violent jerks. This one, in fact, is actually quite lovely. She runs to greet me when I come home (like a dog!), comes up to me demanding that I scratch her head (like a dog!), and lies next to me on the couch for hours (like a dog!). All that and I don’t even need to take her for walks. Let’s just say that by Day Two of cat-sitting, I was checking out kittens on the Toronto Cat Rescue website. Had I really been converted to the Dark Side so quickly?

Today, she elevated her cuteness attacks by rubbing herself all over my shoes. Photographic evidence:

Clearly, I don’t stand a chance. I always knew cats don’t play fair.

Blog tour: Nov. 15-19

I’m excited to announce that I’m going on a blog tour from Nov. 15-19. There will be book reviews, interviews, guest blog posts, and giveaways–be sure to stop by and check it out! Here are the stops:

Nov. 15: Steph Su Reads and Word bookstore
Nov. 16: Word of Mouse Book Reviews and Bella’s Bookshelves
Nov. 17: The Reading Girl and Between the Pages
Nov. 18: Page Turners and Tahleen’s Mixed-Up Files
Nov. 19: YA Addict and YA Book Shelf