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More Fractured reviews

Yesterday, my publisher sent me a nice review of Fractured in Resource Links, which was  great to see. And then later that day, I received a tweet from @book_geeks (the talented Bobbi MacDonald from Book Geeks). She’d just posted a wonderful review of Fractured (click here to read it)! It was my favourite kind of review: detailed, enthusiastic, insightful. It totally made my day, and got me excited to get back to work on my next work in progress.

Writing is a solitary activity, and I’m a pretty sociable person. So it’s been wonderful to get to hear from my readers, and to know that people are reading and enjoying my work. I’m especially thankful to the YA book blogging community, for being so supportive of YA authors and introducing me to lots of great books. Book geeks unite!

Two new reviews of Fractured!

Two new reviews of Fractured have come in: one from Things I Think About, and one from Lauren at 365 Days of Reading. I’m so excited to see my book travel across the Internet!