Monthly Archives: March 2011

Behold the author chair

When I’m not hauling my netbook on the subway to take advantage of my longish commute, I’m happily typing away at home, in what I call The Author Chair. Julian hates when I call it that, because it was his chair before we moved in together. And he’s not an author (unless you count writing code). But how can I write anywhere else? Desks just don’t do it for me. All I need is my Poang to lean back in, my laptop pillow to keep my netbook from burning my legs, and my footrest. (No, I do not work for Ikea.)

Oh yeah, and a kitten. There’s often one of those. The picture above features Sir William Purrington III, but I sometimes catch both of them on it, like so:

My fellow kidlit author Hélène Boudreau likes to write while working out on a treadmill, which is much more impressive than my comfy Poang.

Where do you do most of your writing? (Or reading. The Author Chair is also quite suitable for reading.)

More Fractured reviews

Yesterday, my publisher sent me a nice review of Fractured in Resource Links, which was  great to see. And then later that day, I received a tweet from @book_geeks (the talented Bobbi MacDonald from Book Geeks). She’d just posted a wonderful review of Fractured (click here to read it)! It was my favourite kind of review: detailed, enthusiastic, insightful. It totally made my day, and got me excited to get back to work on my next work in progress.

Writing is a solitary activity, and I’m a pretty sociable person. So it’s been wonderful to get to hear from my readers, and to know that people are reading and enjoying my work. I’m especially thankful to the YA book blogging community, for being so supportive of YA authors and introducing me to lots of great books. Book geeks unite!