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Wedding update

I got engaged on New Year’s Eve last year, and was married in August. We had a book-themed wedding, with books as centrepieces, origami flowers made from book pages, and cupcakes topped with fondant books. You can check out all the details on Flickr.

Here’s my favourite detail: a custom cake topper we commissioned from the talented Sophia’s Workshop. As you can see, it includes our kittens, Sir William Purrington III (on his back, asking for tummy rubs as always) and Comma (don’t be fooled by his calm expression: he’s totally about to bite our feet if we move!).

Big news for 2011

I thought my big news in December was adopting kittens and getting a Kobo eReader, but on New Year’s Eve my partner Julian wrapped up the month (and the year!) by asking me to marry him. He designed the ring himself (white gold with a sapphire):
Sapphire ring

We’re pretty excited, although neither of us likes event planning. 2011 is going to be a busy year!