Happy holidays

So, how did everyone’s holidays go? Toronto escaped the snowstorms that incapacitated the east coast–even the light snow forecast for Christmas Day never showed up. I spent a quiet Christmas at home with Julian and the kittens. They’re settling in quite nicely, and I have high hopes that they will learn to stop stepping on our heads when we’re trying to sleep.

Here they are as reindeer, bugging Santa-Julian:

In book news, Fractured received a wonderful review from Pamela at At Home Between the Pages, and I was also interviewed by the lovely Claudia Osmond on her blog.

My big Christmas present this year was an ereader: the Kobo, to be exact. The first ebook I read on it was Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.


  • I found the eInk reading experience to be just as satisfying and immersive as reading on paper–no eyestrain
  • Kobo is lighter than a book, and more compact than Kindle or iPad
  • Don’t have to hold Kobo open–much easier to read one-handed
  • Can carry around thousands of books with you: great for travel
  • Can download books without going to a bookstore (I looove bookstores, but I also love getting to read a book the minute I decide to buy it, rather than having to go pick it up or wait for it be delivered)
  • Can add multiple bookmarks
  • Can sync between computer, ereader, and iPhone so that I can pick up where I left off even if I leave my ereader at home
  • More space on my bookshelves! So much easier if I ever move again!

Cons (of ereaders in general and the Kobo in particular):

  • eInk is black-and-white, so covers/illustrations look horrible
  • Can freeze or run out of battery power, cutting off access to your entire library at once
  • No touch screen: can be annoying to have to use buttons to scroll through a long menu rather than just tapping the option you want (the iPhone has spoiled me!)
  • Somewhat slow page refresh can break the reading flow sometimes, especially when starting a new chapter
  • No lending capability yet, nor can I re-sell my “used” ebooks
  • Prices still seem high (about the price of a paperback), considering that I can’t re-sell, lend, or give away an ebook once I’ve bought it

Do you have an ereader? If so, which one? What do you love about it, and what do you wish was different?

3 responses to “Happy holidays

  1. I have a B&W Nook (not the color, sadly…) and I love it. So far, I haven’t had any issues other than wishing I didn’t have to page through a huge list of books to get to the one I want. On a bookshelf, I know right where the book I want is and I can just grab it…
    Otherwise, I love the reading experience, the storage capabilities are phenomenal, and I can take ALL my books with me when I travel. 🙂

  2. Hi Joanna-
    I have a Sony e-Reader. 600 series. (That means it’s slightly larger and has a stylus). I notice that newer readers are lighter, but I love the touch screen capability, and carrying my library. The battery only is used to turn pages, so it goes for a couple books before needing charging (they say 3000 page turns). I also like that I can download library books. Because of the stylus function, I was able to edit my novel Grace Awakening on the e-reader. I find having a new perspective (as opposed to the computer screen) helps find new edits! I look forward to hunting down Fractured.

    • Sorry, I get so many spam comments (especially on older posts) that your helpful comment got lost! Fixed now. Thanks for the feedback on the Sony eReader; I’m interested in trying one. Although I hear Kindle still has the majority of market share.

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