Don’t break the chain: update

Over the weekend, I finished my first full month of applying the Don’t Break the Chain method (see this post) to my writing. With a minimum goal of 200 words per day, I ended the month with over 10,000 words, and hope to write even more in April.

Given how well this method has worked for me so far, I’ve been enthusiastically telling friends about it. And most of my friends are gigantic smart-asses like me. Here are some of their brilliant questions about Don’t Break the Chain:

Smart-Ass Friends (SAF): Your goal is 200 words a day… so does that include all words? Like, do emails count? Or Facebook status updates?

Me: No.

SAF: How about talking? How about if you say at least 200 words?

Me: NO.

SAF: That’s a shame; you’re so good at talking.


SAF: Ok, what about if you write 400 words in one day? Does that mean you can skip the next day?

Me: No, because that would be BREAKING THE FUCKING CHAIN. God do you guys even listen.

SAF: Kind of, but mostly we just like provoking you. You give good reactions.


SAF: Hey, you should write this down and count it towards your 200 words*…

Me: I told you, that’s not how it–


*Yes, this dialogue is over 200 words. No, I am not counting it. So there.

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