… fresh and new …. It was nearly impossible to stop reading once I had begun. All the stories were brilliantly different from each other.

–Savannah, The Reader Girl

She completely removed the magic from the stories and yet it’s easy to decipher what tale she ‘fractured’ to create her own story. I love when fairy tales get re-told and … I truly enjoyed reading Joanna’s new tales.

–Amy, A Simple Love of Reading

Karaplis manages to make everything work incredibly well… If you like fairy tales, especially fractured ones as I do, I would definitely check out this one. Completely original tellings in a modern context—fabulous!

–Tahleen, Tahleen’s Mixed-Up Files

These were three very fun stories. I enjoyed the fact that these were contemporary retellings without any magical or paranormal twists. … I think Cinderella was my favorite of the three. It stayed the closest to my childhood memories of the story, and it was just a TON of fun.

–Stacey, Page Turners

Karaplis … [gives] the recognizable tales of your childhood a surprising twist that could only be possible in the age of the Internet. … today’s teens will have a lot that they can identify with in this set of three stories.

–Melissa, YA Book Shelf

Joanna Karaplis did a wonderful job in not only writing a good story, but also pointing out some things that are wrong with society right now. … her writing style was engaging…

–Daisy, Between the Pages

Joanna’s uncanny ability to emulate teens texting often had me snickering aloud … Karaplis does a very good job at making the book current and accessible in terms of familiar things like reality TV and communication via blogging, texting, and YouTube, but also through common teen events and emotions. I marvelled at her ability to so effectively connect on such a level. She certainly has no apparent difficulty with YA fiction in this respect.

–Steph, Bella’s Bookshelves

An entertaining read for the young adult in your life with the cautionary tales woven in so expertly, they won’t even notice them–just like the originals only way better!

–Stacey, Word of Mouse Book Reviews

… a worthwhile read for everyone who wants to sit down and browse through a good collection of fairytale retellings!

–Kai, Amaterasu Reads

Joanna really captured teenage life … I highly recommend this to anyone who likes reading fairytales or fractured fairytales, or stories that are really relatable.

–Pamela, At Home Between the Pages

Joanna Karaplis’ characters are spunky and individual; they remind me of people I know or might like to know.  Many modern retakes on old favourites can seem like they’re trying too hard, especially if they pull in social media and other new technologies.  Karaplis never falls into that trap.  Her writing is natural and readable.

Things I Think About

Fractured is a super-quick read at just under 130 pages, and the stories kept me hooked enough to read it all in one sitting. … If you’re into retellings, definitely give Fractured a read.

–Lauren, 365 Days of Reading

Oh the three stories were so delightful and funny. I love the modern spin she’s put on them and just loved them. … For fans of re-telling of fairytales I think this one is definitely a must and I’m glad I discovered it.

My Book Thoughts

Joanna Karaplis explores the gritty side of fairy-tales. … The innovative narrative style uses stream of consciousness, e-mails, and chat. References to alt/goth lifestyle choices, anime, and vegetarianism will also intrigue older teenage readers.

–Myra Junyk, Resource Links, vol. 16, no. 3

…wonderfully original modern takes to classic fairytales…

–Bobbi MacDonald, Book Geeks

I would recommend this to any young adult who is looking for a unique book that holds plot twist and surprise endings that one would least expect.

Reader’s Inn

“Cyberella” … has to be my favorite of the three. It’s written completely in blog posts and instant messaging. … The entire thing was hilarious, had me laughing to myself, and wondering what could happen next. … I loved Fractured. It’s a very fast read that I’ll turn back to again and again…

–Kayla, Caught Between the Pages

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